WCS Canada Comments - Yukon Government's Mining Land Use Discussion Paper - June 2013
Don Reid and Hilary Cooke
We are concerned about the mineral exploration regime in Yukon because exploration activities cause many species to avoid or abandon key habitats, and there is considerable evidence that the recent exploration boom has adversely affected the behaviour and population health of various mountain ungulates. We believe the scope of the issue is much more than just low impact (Class 1) activities, and a new mineral exploration management regime needs to deal with the contemplation of mineral exploration, prospecting stages, staking, the tenure of mineral rights, and then Class 1 activities. Wildlife disturbance in and temporary avoidance or abandonment of critical or sensitive habitats can result from use of aircraft, ground-vehicles, and poorly located camps associated with all stages of mineral exploration. We propose a regime based on consultation, identifying critical or sensitive areas and revised Standard Operating Conditions including timing considerations and spatial buffers for all stages of mineral exploration. We also recommend that the notification process should begin when mineral exploration is being contemplated.
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[Correspondence] Reid, Don and Cooke, Hillary (2013). Class 1 Mining Land Use: Comments on the Yukon Territorial Government’s Discussion Paper June 2013 (Comments to Yukon Energy, Mines and Resources)

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